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Which of the following is the most advanced aspect of the development phase of IoV? _SC

A. Fully Automated parking
B. Lase change assistance
C. Automated driving urban areas
D. Automatic driving in lanes



In the IMT2020 vision, which of following is correct ratio of 5G servic e delay to the 4G service delay?

A. 1/100
B. 1/20
C. 1/10
D. 1/50



Which of the following is the maximum round trip time (RTT) of 5G -V2X?

A. 10ms
B. 5ms
C. 20ms .
D. 50ms



Sub-3 GHz spectrum resources can be dynamically shared with 5G spectrums by using the cloud AIR technology.

A. True
B. False



Which of the following are commercial products in the 5G terminal industry?

A. vehicle-mounted mobile module
B. mobile handheld terminal
C. mobile MIFI hotspot device
D. home CPE gateway



Which of following are the key of intelligent distributed power distribution automation on commination network?

A. Millisecond-level ultra-low latency
B. high isolation
C. high reliability
D. massive access form tens of millions of terminals



Which of the following are points of electronic power telecommunication?

A. public network GPRS with low rate and long delay unable to provision telecontrol, tele indication and telemetering,
slow fault locating
B. high cost for monitoring service carried by operator 4G network
C. low security and reliability of electric power services carried on public network
D. incapable of collecting electric consumption information, costly manual meter reading .



Which of the following massive MIMO statements are correct? -MC

A. Massive MIMO uses Large-scale antenna arrays
B. Massive MIMO improves capacity of a single call
C. Only horizontal beamforming is available
D. Legacy wide beams are replaced with narrow beams by adjusting then beam weight.



Which of the following statements is incorrect about uploading AR/VR teaching content to the cloud? -SC

A. AR/VR images and audios are efficiently encoded into audio and video streams in the client.
B. The cloud computing capability is used to run, render display, and control AP Applications.
C. Rendering with high requirements on latency is deployed close to user that service data does not need to be
transmitted to the core network.
D. The edge cloud deployment architecture is recommended to meet the low latency requirements of services.



In an industrial internet, sensors are used to monitor the status. which one of the following is the network requirement

A. massive connections
B. high reliability
C. low delay
D. large bandwidth



Which of the following items are included in the 5G phase 3 test led by IMT – 2020 (5G) promotion Group?

A. Field test of the NSA architecture.
B. Inter-vendor compatibility test.
C. Indoor test of the SA architecture
D. Field test of the SA architecture



Which one of the following services belongs to URLLS application scenario? -SC

A. Automated driving
B. Intelligent meter reading
C. Intelligent parking



Which of the following NSA networking statements are correct? _MC

A. Capable of provisioning new services such as URLLC
B. LOW Investment in the initial phase of 5G deployment
C. Requiring continuous coverage provided by the 5G base solutions D. Deployment based on legacy 4G networks

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