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As shown in the figure, in the context of the IPv4 IPv6 ISIS NET SEL 00 ring, the address in the field begins with the
final value.

huawei h12-261 exam questions q1

A. Correct

B. Error


When the deployment needs to configure the parameter LLQ,? Bandwidth Meaning What is the meaning of the parameter

A. Provide a built-in policer to limit the maximum available time of the queue.

B. The parameters should be as small as possible. It means that the bandwidth is always reserved, LLQ, even if the
bandwidth parameter is used, the interface is available.

C. It indicates the reference to calculate the sudden size of the built-in tactical counter bucket.

D. The options parameter is a-OK, LLQ because it starts with the other columns.


ISIS P2P, LSP, PSNP, LSDB protocol in the broadcast network and the network. When the router receives it, it needs to
use the line to ensure synchronization.

A. True

B. False


Which of the following statements regarding BGP load balancing are false?

A. The AS_Path attribute values of equal-cost routes for load balancing must be different.

B. When BGP load balancing is implemented, the local device can change the next-hop address of routes to its own
address when advertising the routes to IBGP peer groups only if the peer next-hop- local command is configured.

C. Load balancing can be implemented among BGP routes with different origins but having the same destination
network segment.

D. Load balancing can be implemented among IBGP routes and EBGP routes having the same destination on the public


If the interface of the router is out of A GigabitEthernet0/0/0 OSPFv3 Hello Option 0x000013, the field
value is the following.
The correct one is more ( )

A. The interface of the router belongs to the area A GigabitEthernet0/0/0 NSSA

B. The router will participate in the routing calculation. A GigabitEthernet0/0/0 IPv6 meter

C. Router is capable A OSPFv3 standby forwarding device

D. Router Support Flooding


In the command, ipv4-address { mask | mask-length } [ as-set | attribute-policy route-policy-name1 ] detail suppressed | origin-policy route-policy-name2 | suppress-policy route-policy-name3 ] Parameters can be used to influence Summary The route and its result. What is correct about the command description?

A. If configured, the Suppress policy Route-production clause can also be used to pick the suppressed route. policy match is fine, The clear route will still be advertised. Other Route-policy BGP will be given to neighbors.

B. If only the matching routes are configured to participate in the aggregation Origin-policy, Route- policy is fine.

C. If you have configured the attribute Attribute-policy that can change the aggregated route,

D. If the route\’s As-set, AS_ATH AS is configured, the summary contains path information of all specific routes to
prevent routing loops.


Routers R1 and R2 are configured for BGP. Both routers are in AS 65234. Routes from Router R2 are in the BGP table
on Router R1, but not in the IP routing table. What could be the cause of this problem?

A. Synchronization is off

B. BGP multi-hop is disabled on Router R1

C. The next-hop of these routes can not reach by router R1

D. The BGP peers are down


If no area is divided, which of the following statements regarding the link-state routing protocol are true?

A. Routers in the same routing domain may repeatedly receive the same link-state information.

B. Routers in the entire routing domain have the same LSDB.

C. Each router establishes a routing domain topology.

D. Each router learns routing entries from updated routing information and adds them to the routing table.

E. The router sends all link-state information from a neighbor to all the other neighbors to ensure data synchronization in the database.


What is correct about the following description? Filter-policy

A. In the middle, Filter-Policy, OSPF ASBR type 5 LSA type 7 LSA can be generated for filtering

B. The previous list can be used for both route suffix filtering and packet filtering.

C. Filter-Policy can receive or route the information line to filter the chain status, and modify the attributes of the route

D. Pre-use list When route filtering is applied, the entry IP IP-prefix 1 deny 0 less-equal 32 means that only the
default route is matched.


You must configure a router for Policy-Based Routing (PBR). PBR allows network administrators to implement routing
policies to allow or deny paths on which of the following? (Multiple Choice)

A. Protocol

B. Identification of a particular end system

C. Application

D. Throughput

E. Size of packets


About FTP Protocol Which of the following descriptions is correct

A. In the mode, the client completes the control and data FTP Passive, the TCP user\’s initialization

B. In the mode, the server is connected to the command FTP Active, “PORT is used to tell the client which port it wants
to send data to.

C. FTP TCP always uses a remote control information and data information

D. FTP TCP 20, ICP 21 Always use the far port to establish a data session. Use the port to establish control.

E. Session E.FTP TCP 21, TCP 20 Always use the far port to establish a data session Use the port to establish a
control session


Source Specific Multicast (SSM)is being used throughout the HW IP Multicast network. Which of the following three
statements about SSM are true? (Choose three.)

A. SSM uses Shortest-Path Trees Only

B. There are no RPs to worry about

C. SSM is best suited for applications that are of the Many-to-Many category

D. SSM uses shared Trees only

E. The use of SSM is recommended when there are many sources and it is desirable to keep the amount of route
state in the routers in the network to a minimum.

F. SSM is best suited for applications that are of the one-to-many category


The following information about the MPLS label describes the error?

A. The length of the MPLS 4 label is encapsulated between the link layer of the road and the network.

B. By default, the support device PHP PHP Egress 3 feature, supported point allocation, the second-to-last hop point,
the section label value

C. If the bottom label stack in the identifier is S=0 IP, it indicates that the label stack label is directly forwarded.

D. When the label value is 0, IPv4, the label is displayed. The label should be played, and the text must be based on the

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