[November new] Huawei H13-531 exam questions updated

November huawei h13-531 updated

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Huawei H13-531 online practice test

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Alternative schemes need to be considered in the design of the scheme.

When the original design scheme can not be implemented, the alternative scheme is considered.

A. True

B. False


Huawei desktop cloud application virtualization solutions, as opposed to desktop cloud solutions, which components
have been added? (Multiple choice)



C. RD Licensing



The following are the business processes for the main roles of the FusionAccess DaaS system based on self-service

Please sort by the correct overall flow:

1, Operator administrator approval

2, Tenant administrator open an account

3, End users use the desktop;

4, Tenant administrator self-service release desktop

A. 1->2->3->4

B. 2->1->4->3

C. 4->2->1->3

D. 1->4->2->3


After users log in to the FusionAccess cloud desktop using TC, they find that they can not use a USB storage device.

Which of the following methods can be used to quickly identify the fault location?

A. Re-install the driver for the VM, in the VM Device Manager, check to see if there is a USB storage device inserted.

B. Check whether there are devices in the WI Floating Window Setup Bar, to determine if this is a TC-side or VM-side problem.

C. Install the driver on the TC side and then check that the USB storage device is working properly.

D. Reconnect the USB storage device.


What are the following steps belonging to the Huawei BCManager disaster recovery management process? (Multiple choice)

A. BCManager installation deployment, expansion, and upgrade

B. Build a basic disaster recovery environment

C. Create a disaster recovery object protection group and related policies

D. Disaster Recovery Testing and Disaster Recovery


The user receives an alert message on the FusionManager interface: “ALM- ServiceCenter.9804 VM is missing on the

What is the correct description of the alert? (Multiple choice)

A. The user deleted the virtual machine created by FusionManage on the virtualized environment (FusionCompute or VMware).

B. FusionManager automatically verifies the virtual machine information, which FusionManager generates when the virtual machine information on the FusionManager is not consistent with the information on the virtualized environment (FusionCompute or VMware).

C. Virtualization Environment (FusionCompute or VMware) After the upgrade or backup is restored, the data does not match the FusionManager.

D. After the alarm occurs, you need to log in to the VDC administrator to delete the corresponding virtual machines in the virtual machine list.


In order to ensure the normal and efficient operation of business applications, in the use of Huawei cloud computing
environment, it is necessary to virtual machine computing/storage/ network and other resources to optimize.

A. True

B. False


Which of the following steps are involved in the migration process for Huawei FusionSphere services?

A. Migration assessment

B. Program design

C. Migration implementation

D. Migration and acceptance


When FusionAccess issues linked-clone virtual machine, the issuing user is written to the permission group.

A. True

B. False


In the Huawei cloud computing solution, in order to enhance the virtual machine\’s graphics processing power; you can configure the GPU to the virtual machine, which of the following configuration can be included? (Multiple Choice)

A. GPU pass-through

B. GPU virtualization

C. GPU sharing

D. GPU aggregation


In FusionSphere solutions, the VSA ManageDVS network is in the plane of the network with management can not be

A. True

B. False


UpdateTool supports the upgrade and patch update of Huawei\’s cloud computing solutions.

Which of the following descriptions of the UpdateTool patch process are wrong? (Multiple choice)

A. Patch process consists of the following steps: New project, patch updates, and submit the project.

B. If the node patch update fails, you can “rollback” the node

C. Patch process, the project can be rollback after submitted

D. There is no limit to the number of nodes that can be distributed, checked, upgraded, or rolled back during the entire patch upgrade.


Huawei Cloud Computing Solution is to meet the business requirements of the enterprise, which of the following
features are supported?

A. VRM cascade expansion

B. Cluster size adjustment

C. Virtual machine specification adjustment

D. Heterogeneous Virtualization Compatibility

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