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What are the 4 sections of the APM portal home page that are aligned to The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)? (Choose four.)

A. Information Portfolio
B. Service Portfolio
C. Catalog Portfolio
D. Application Portfolio
E. Business Portfolio
F. Technology Portfolio
Correct Answer: ADEF
Reference: application-portfoliomanagement/concept/application-portfolio-management-home.html


What is the name of the basic plugin for the APM application?

A. Application Portfolio Management
B. Business Planner
C. Financial Management for APM
D. Application Portfolio Management – ATF Tests
Correct Answer: A
Reference: application-portfoliomanagement/task/activate-apm.html


APM combines with several ServiceNow technologies to provide a comprehensive view of your customer\’s application
portfolio. Why would a customer want to utilize information from ServiceNow ServiceMapping? (Choose two.)

A. Identify your customer\’s applications\’ underlying technologies.
B. Identify your customer\’s application services.
C. Produce a horizontal picture of a customer\’s business applications.
D. Create an application inventory.
Correct Answer: AB


When you approve a retirement Business Application request, which system property determines whether a project or a demand is created?

A. sn_apm.retireBusinessApplication
B. sn_apm.retireBusinessApplicationTaskType
C. sn_apm.businessApplication
D. sn_apm.retire
Correct Answer: C
Reference: application-portfoliomanagement/task/manage-business-appln.html


What are the business problems that customers are trying to resolve by utilizing Application Portfolio Management(APM)? (Choose two.)

A. Gain a comprehensive understanding of business applications in the organization
B. Reduce the number of governance controls
C. Identify redundancies and decrease budgetary costs
D. Maintain relationships with Product Vendors
Correct Answer: AC
Reference: application-portfoliomanagement/concept/application-portfolio-management.html


Which attributes can be used to categorize business applications? (Choose four.)

A. Application Score
B. Application Name
C. Application Family
D. Portfolio
E. Category
F. Business Unit
Correct Answer: BCDE


What relationship type is used to describe a relationship between a business capability and a business application?

A. Used: Used by
B. Depends on: Used by
C. Provides: Provided by
D. Runs on: Runs
Correct Answer: C
Reference: application-portfoliomanagement/task/establish-CI-relationship.html


What is the value of managing applications using ServiceNow?

A. Allows data collection and visualization without manual effort
B. Allows automation of retiring applications
C. Provides application owners insight to release counts
D. Provides top-down strategic alignment in the PMO
Correct Answer: A


During the customer workshop, Kelly was identified as needing a role that would grant access to create bubble charts,
set up application classification attributes, and assess indicators. Which role should be assigned to Kelly?

A. sn_apm.apm_admin
B. sn_apm.apm_user
C. sn_apm.apm_analyst
D. business_planner
Correct Answer: A
Reference: application-portfolio


What are the stages of the APM rationalization process?

A. Measure, Evaluate, Decide, Take Action, Baseline
B. Identify, Measure, Evaluate, Decide, Take Action
C. Identify, Measure, Decide, Take Action, Communicate
D. Identify, Measure, Evaluate, Take Action, Certify
Correct Answer: B
Reference: (6:33)


Stephen discovers that his customer is looking to achieve Basic Rationalization including application scoring. What APM maturity level does this align to?

A. Level 2
B. Level 1
C. Level 3
D. Level 4
Correct Answer: B


The capability map provides a hierarchical view of the business capabilities in an organization. How many levels does the capability hierarchy support in its series?

A. 7
B. 8
C. 10
D. 6
Correct Answer: D


What are the three segments of the Business Application Costing Model? (Choose three.)

A. Business Processes
B. Manufacturers
C. Business Applications
D. IT Shared Services
E. Business Units
Correct Answer: CDE

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What are the key differentiators between an HR Profile record and a User record? (Choose three.)
A. The HR Profile stores the employee\\’s assigned delegates.
B. The HR Profile includes group membership information.
C. The HR Profile includes employee organizational information like Colleagues.
D. The HR Profile stores login credential information.
E. The HR Profile may include employee marital status.
F. The HR Profile is intended to store confidential employee data that is pertinent for HR.
Correct Answer: AEF


Scenario: You have an existing ITSM customer who is now implementing HR Enterprise. In UAT, they discovered that a
new button on the HR case, created using the Link Generator application, is not displaying the appropriate web page.
Instead, they get a Page Not Found error. You have verified that the Link configuration and script are both accurate.
What else must be done to allow the Link to work?
A. The Status of the associated record on the Application Restricted Caller Access list must be set to Denied.
B. You must create a custom ACL to allow the link to work.
C. The Status of the associated record on the Application Restricted Caller Access list must be set to Allowed.
D. You must change the Scope for the link to work.
Correct Answer: C


What provides a graphical representation of other tables related to a specific table, either through class extension or
A. System Structure
B. Table Map
C. System Map
D. Schema Map
Correct Answer: D


The HR Profile table is used to track information for what Employment types? (Choose three.)
A. Other
B. Potential Employee
C. Full Time Employee
D. Temporary Employee
E. Spouse
F. Contractor
Correct Answer: CDF


When an employee completes a questionnaire on an Employee Form, on which table does the system store their
A. Form [sys_ui_form]
B. Metric Result [asmt_metric_result]
C. Question Answer [question_answer]
D. HR Case [sn_hr_core_case]
Correct Answer: B


If the Audience field has been configured on a Lifecycle Event Activity, what will the system do if the subject person
does not meet the criteria for that Activity?
A. the activity must be manually closed by the HR professional
B. the Lifecycle Event will be canceled
C. the activity must be manually closed by the Subject person
D. the activity will be skipped
Correct Answer: C


What must be updated or loaded into the Customer\\’s instance before importing the stories?
A. Backlog
B. Epics
C. Products
D. Groups
Correct Answer: B


In which module can the HR admin manage the HR email address for incoming HR requests?
A. HR Administration > Email Administration
B. System Properties > Email Setup
C. System Properties > Email Properties
D. HR Administration > Properties
Correct Answer: D


What are the advantages of removing the HR Admin role from the System Admin role after the HR Implementation tasks
have been completed? (Choose two.)
A. This ensures that HR has control over further HR configurations.
B. The HR Admin role should remain a part of the System Admin role.
C. This ensures that confidential HR data is only accessible to users with an HR role.
D. It is not necessary because the system Admin always has access to all HR data.
Correct Answer: AC


In the HR Guided Setup Module, the Configuration View displays which of the following for a Category? (Choose three.)
A. Properties
B. Gauges
C. Dashboards
D. Lists
E. Overviews
F. Forms
Correct Answer: ADF


A user with only the HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin] role can save and modify which copies of existing reports?
A. All
B. Global
C. Group
D. Personal
Correct Answer: A


HR Administrators can configure a personal copy of the HR Case Dashboard using which of the following buttons?
(Choose two.)
A. Change Layout
B. Delete Content
C. Modify Layout
D. Add Content
E. Add Layout
Correct Answer: AD

If you wanted someone to administer the Employee Service Center without granting them the HR Admin role, which
scoped Admin role would they need?
A. Service Portal Admin [sn_hr_sp.admin]
B. Widget Admin [sn_hr_widget.admin]
C. Employee Files Admin [sn_hr_ef.admin]
D. Integrations Admin [sn_hr_integrations.admin]
Correct Answer: A

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