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Who is responsible for developing the project management plan and all related component plans?
A. Project team
B. Portfolio manager
C. Project manager
D. Project management office
Correct Answer: C

Which tool or technique is used in validating the scope of a project?
A. Facilitated workshops
B. Interviews
C. Inspection
D. Meetings
Correct Answer: C

A method to manage stakeholder expectations in the scope statement is to clearly:
A. state the guiding principles of the organization.
B. identify alternatives to generate different approaches.
C. state what is out of scope.
D. outline the results of the Delphi technique.
Correct Answer: C

The process of identifying and documenting relationships among the project activities is known as:
A. Control Schedule.
B. Sequence Activities.
C. Define Activities.
D. Develop Schedule.
Correct Answer: B

Using the following data, what is the Schedule Performance Index (SPI)?
EV= $500 PV= $750 AC= $1000 BAC= $1200
A. 0.67
B. 1.5
C. 0.75
D. 0.5
Correct Answer: A

A project requires a component with well-understood specifications. Performance targets are established at the outset,
and the final contract price is determined after completion of all work based on the seller\\’s performance. The most
appropriate agreement with the supplier is:
A. Cost Plus Incentive Fee (CPIF).
B. Fixed Price Incentive Fee (FPIF).
C. Cost Plus Award Fee (CPAF).
D. Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment (FP-EPA).
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following inputs is required for the WBS creation?
A. Project Quality Plan
B. Project Schedule Network
C. Project Management Software
D. Project Scope Management Plan
Correct Answer: D

To ensure quality standards are met a project manager hires an external resource to inspect the quality of the
deliverables. The cost for this inspection can be classified under what cost category?
A. External
B. Appraisal
C. Prevention
D. Failure
Correct Answer: B

At the completion of a project, a report is prepared that details the outcome of the research conducted on a global trend
during the project. Which item did this project create?
A. Result
B. Product
C. Service
D. Improvement
Correct Answer: A

You are examining multiple scope change requests on a project you were asked to take over because the previous
project manager decided to resign. To assess the degree to which the project scope will change, you need to compare
the requests to which project document?
A. Preliminary scope statement
C. Change management plan
D. Scope management plan
Correct Answer: B
The WBS, along with the detailed scope statement and the WBS dictionary, defines the project\\’s scope baseline,
which provides the basis for any changes that may occur on the project.

When you review cost performance data on your project, different responses will be required depending on the degree
of variance or control thresholds from the baseline. For example, a variance of 10 percent might not require immediate
action, whereas a variance of 100 percent will require investigation. A description of how you plan to manage cost
variances should be included in the______________
A. Cost management plan
B. Change management plan
C. Performance measurement plan
D. Variance management plan
Correct Answer: A
The management and control of costs focuses on variance thresholds. Certain variances are acceptable, and others,
usually those falling outside a particular range, are unacceptable. They are typically expressed as percentage deviations
from the baseline plan. The actions taken by the project manager for variances are described in the cost management

Work completed, key performance indicators, technical performance measures, start and finish dates of schedule
activities, number of change requests, number of defects, actual costs, and actual decisions are examples of work
performance data are an output of______________
A. Project plan development
B. Risk control
C. Monitor and control project work
D. Direct and manage project work
Correct Answer: D
Work performance data containing these examples are an output of direct and manage project work. They are raw
observations and measurements identified as activities are being performed to complete the work of the project. These
data often are viewed at the lowest level of detail from which information is derived by other processes. The data then
are gathered as the work is done and passed to the controlling processes of the various processes for further analyses.

At the completion of a project phase, a previously unknown stakeholder complained that their deliverables for the phase
were not met. What should the project manager have done to prevent this?
A. Reviewed the stakeholder register to understand all stakeholder expectations.
B. Interviewed stakeholders within other units in the organization
C. Identified the stakeholder deliverables within the scope management plan
D. Reviewed the quality management plan to ensure that such mistakes were minimized.
Correct Answer: C


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