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What does the Reliability SMF process flow include?
A. Define service requirements
B. Monitoring and improving plans
C. Planning
D. all of the above
Correct Answer: D

What does the Reliability SMF process flow include?
A. Assess, monitor and control risk
B. Define service requirements
C. Ensure good service
D. Maintain work instructions
Correct Answer: B

Consider a change that has been performed before and is part of the operational practice of the business. What is the
category of this change?
A. Minor
B. Standard
C. Major
D. Significant
Correct Answer: B

What is the goal of the Change and Configuration SMF?
A. Ensure that business changes are aligned with organizational direction
B. Decrease time to resolve problems from failed changes
C. Reduction in incidents
D. Create an environment where changes can be made with the least amount of risk and impact to the organization
Correct Answer: D

Which SMF has \\’Filter the problem\\’ as a process step?
A. Customer Service
B. Service Monitoring and Control
C. Operations
D. Problem Management
Correct Answer: D

Which is not part of the Envision SMF process flow?
A. approve the vision/scope document
B. organize the core project team
C. write the vision/scope document
D. write the project plan
Correct Answer: D

What is the primary goal of the Operate phase?
A. ensure that deployed services are operated, monitored and supported all the time
B. ensure high availability of services
C. ensure that deployed services are operated, monitored and supported within agreed SLA targets
D. ensure that IT services are restored as quickly as possible
Correct Answer: C

What Team SMF accountabilities are primarily represented in the Operate Phase?
A. Architecture and Solutions
B. Operations and Support
C. Service and Compliance
D. Support and Manage
Correct Answer: B

Which Management Review (MR) concludes deployment?
A. The Deployment Complete Milestone
B. The Project Plan Approved MR
C. The Portfolio MR
D. The Release Readiness Review
Correct Answer: A

Which Phase or layer provides the basis for developing and operating a resilient IT environment?
A. Deliver phase
B. Manage layer
C. Operate phase
D. Plan phase
Correct Answer: B

Preparing the functional specification and solution design and preparing work plans belongs to which SMF?
A. Build
B. Deploy
C. Project Planning
D. Stabilize
Correct Answer: C

What is the IT service lifecycle composed of?
A. Build phase, Deliver phase, Operate phase, Manage layer
B. Manage Layer, Plan phase, Deploy phase, Operate phase
C. Manage Layer, Plan phase, Deliver phase, Operate phase
D. Plan phase, Develop phase, Operate phase, Manage phase
Correct Answer: C

Why would you use the GRC SMF?
A. to assess, monitor and control risk
B. to maintain configuration baselines
C. to manage change
D. to understand accountabilities
Correct Answer: A

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