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Which authentication modes does AAA support? (Choose three).

A. None
B. Local
C. Radius
D. 802.1X



The network administrator wants to improve the performance of network transmission, what steps can the administrator
take? (Choose two)

huawei h12-211 exam questions q2

A. Change the work mode to full duplex of each end station.
B. Link the end stations together using a switch.
C. Change the work mode to half duplex of each end station.
D. Link the end stations together using a hub.



Port aggregation is the aggregation of multiple ports to form an aggregation group to implement load balancing among member ports. Port aggregation is in () implemented on.

A. Physical layer
B. Data link layer
C. Network layer
D. Transport layer



As shown in the figure, the H frame contains an IP packet sent from Host A to Host B, and the destination MAC address
of the H frame is ().

huawei h12-211 exam questions q4

A. MAC address of G0/0/1 interface of RTB
B. MAC address of G0/0/1 interface of RTC
C. Host B\\’s MAC address
D. RTC G0/0/0 interface MAC address



According to the figure, which of the following statements is true?

huawei h12-211 exam questions q5

A. Host A and Host B can communicate with each other only when the IP addresses of host A and host B have the
same masks.
B. Host A can successfully ping host B.
C. The IP address mask of Host A is different from that of Host B. Therefore, Host A and Host B cannot communicate
with each other.
D. The broadcast addresses of Host A and Host B are the same.



The administrator wishes to update the configuration file of an AR2200 router using a USB cable. How can this be
achieved? (Choose two)

A. The administrator should connect the USB cable between the terminal and the mini USB port of the AR2200 router.
B. The administrator should connect the USB cable between the terminal and the USB port of the AR2200 router.
C. The AR2200 router cannot support configuration updates through a USB cable.
D. The administrator should install the mini USB drivers on the terminal after connecting the USB.



Which of the following protocols is used in Frame Relay to map the address to DLCI dynamically?

A. ARP protocol
B. RARP protocol
C. InARP protocol
D. Map protocol



An administrator discovered he/she was unable to use TFTP to transfer files to the router. Which of the following
describes the likely reason for this?

A. The TFTP service had been disabled on the router.
B. TCP port 69 of the server had been blocked.
C. UDP port 69 of the server had been blocked.
D. The username and password had been modified.



Which of the following MAC addresses are not aged out? (Choose two.)

A. Static MAC address
B. Dynamic MAC address
C. Blackhole MAC address
D. Port MAC address



The Eth-Trunk frame forwarding mechanism used to prevent changes in the data sequence forwards frames based on
which of the following parameters?

A. The same source or destination IP address
B. The same source or destination MAC address.
C. The same protocol type.
D. The same source or destination port number.



Which of the following commands can be used to change the device name to huawei?

A. sysname huawei
B. hostname huawei
C. rename huawei
D. do name huawei



The following description of the specified port for the spanning tree is correct.

A. There is only one designated port per bridge
B. The designated port can forward configuration BPDUs to its connected network segment.
C. The port on the root switch must not be the designated port.
D. Specify the port to forward configuration BPDUs from this switch to the root switch.



When STP is running on Huawei Sx7 series switches, the priority of the switch is () by default.

A. 4096
B. 8192
C. 16384
D. 32768

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The latest and complete Huawei H12-211 dumps advanced exam questions: (Total Questions: 714 Q&A)

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