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220-802 dumps
A user receives a phone call from a person claiming to be from technical support. This person knows the user\’s name and that the user has Windows installed on their computer. The technician directs the user to open Event Viewer and look at some event log entries to demonstrate the effects of a virus on the computer. The technician also asks the user for their user ID and password so that they can clean the computer. This is an example of which of the following security threats?
A. Social engineering
B. Phishing
C. Malware
D. Virus
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following storage types would be MOST resilient to physical drops and damage within a laptop?
Correct Answer: D

Joe, a technician, has been tasked to verify a new device has been installed and correctly configured on a Windows 7 computer. He has now confirmed the new device is not working properly. Upon opening the Device Manager, he seesseveral icons. Which of the following should Joe do FIRST to help troubleshoot the problem?
A. Upgrade the antivirus signatures and disable system restore
B. Check any items with yellow exclamation points
C. Check any items with green checkmarks
D. Disable items with a red X over the icon
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is unique to Windows XP? 220-802 dumps
A. Folder options – Layout
B. Hardware profiles
C. Pen and input devices
D. Network setup wizard
Correct Answer: D

A technician is working on an issue and has identified the problem and worked out the cause. Which of the following would MOST likely be the NEXT step the technician should make?
A. Document the cause and solution
B. Inform the user
C. Report to the supervisor
D. Establish a plan of action
Correct Answer: D

A small business owner is setting up their wireless network in their office, which is in a building shared with several other businesses. The owner does not want to disable the SSID broadcasting due to visiting customers needing to use the network, but does not want other businesses to notice the network, let alone access it. Which of the following would BEST accomplish this?
A. Configure the access point encryption from unsecured access to WEP.
B. Adjust the radio power so that coverage is restricted to the business.
C. Change the SSID to reflect the business name instead of a public access point.
D. Enable MAC filtering and restrict access to other company\’s devices.
Correct Answer: B

A technician is having issues with a corporate wireless signal bleeding into nearby offices.
Which of the following techniques could be used to mitigate the risk of wireless attacks by third parties in the nearby offices?
A. Switch from 802.11b to 802.11g spectrums
B. Disable WEP-128 security
C. Radio power adjustment
D. Switch from 802.11g to 802.11n spectrums
Correct Answer: C

A technician has imaged Windows 7 to a new drive and installed it into the PC. The PC, however, will not boot the new disk. Using the recovery console, which of the following should the technician try NEXT?
A. Select the bootable partition in fdisk
B. Fix the master boot record with fdisk
C. Use the bootcfg /rebuild command to recreate the mbr
D. Mark the disk active in diskpart
E. Mark the partition as clean in diskpart
Correct Answer: D

A senior technician requests a diagnostic tool for checking external ports and connectors on computers and laptops. 220-802 dumps
Which of the following tools would BEST accomplish this task?
A. Wireless locator
B. Corona wire
C. Toner probe
D. Loopback plugs
Correct Answer: D

Anne, an employee, stepped away from her workstation to deliver a report to her boss. When she came back, confidential material was displayed on the screen that was not opened prior to her leaving. Which of the following could have mitigated this from occurring?
A. Intrusion detection system
B. Screensaver password
C. Privacy filters
D. RFID badges
Correct Answer: B

A user receives an email seemingly from the director of the company\’s IT department. The user however notices that the content of the email is asking for information specifically forbidden to be shared with anyone. This type of interaction is known as which of the following?
A. Phishing
B. Shoulder surfing
C. Malware
D. Spyware
Correct Answer: A

An administrator is asked to review a file on a local drive. The file contains what appear to be multiple conversations from emails, chat sessions, and various word processing files that were accessed during the past several days. Ann, the user, advises the administrator this was not a file she had created. The file is MOST likely created by which of the following?
A. Malware
B. Phishing
C. Social engineering
D. Keylogger
Correct Answer: D

A user recently installed an application. Upon the next reboot, the system is displaying various errors relating to the system files and certain actions e.g. right-clicking no longer works. The user does not have time to reimage the computer, nor do they wish to remove and reinstall the application. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?
A. Open up the command prompt and type SFC /SCANNOW
B. Open Task Manager and stop all running SERVICES processes
C. Open up MSCONFIG and remove the application from the start-up tab
D. Open a command prompt and type REGSVR32 SYSMAIN.DLL U
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following should a technician implement to prevent external contractors from physically plugging devices into the company\’s network jacks unless such jacks are designated for guest use?
A. Disable DHCP and assign a static IP address to each network device physically connected to the network.
B. Enable MAC address filtering across all network jacks and record the MAC address of guest devices.
C. Disable all switch ports when they are not utilized and enable them on an as needed basis.
D. Place guest network jacks in public areas and all other jacks in secure areas as needed.
Correct Answer: C

A PC is running slower than usual. 220-802 dumps Which of the following tools would BEST diagnose the possible bottleneck?
B. Device Manager
C. Task Scheduler
D. Task Manager
Correct Answer: D

From which of the following tools can a technician locate the PID of an application?
A. Local Security Policy
C. Computer Management
D. Task Manager
Correct Answer: D

A user states when they press certain letters on their laptop\’s keyboard, a number is displayed on the screen. Which of the following can the technician perform to resolve this issue?
A. Change the character mapping
B. Turn off number lock
C. Replace the keyboard
D. Update the keyboard drivers
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following would be the BEST way to combat social engineering?
A. User education
B. Deny social networks through the firewall
C. Badges
D. Strong password usage
Correct Answer: A

When cutting back the protective coating on CAT5 wiring, which of the following is the recommended tool?
A. Punchdown tool
B. Basic crimper
C. Wire strippers
D. Degausser
Correct Answer: C

A technician is tasked with improving the security of a SOHO network. The office is comprised of a single wireless router located under the front desk where the office manager sits. All desktop computers are wired into the router which is configured with strong device credentials. Additionally, wireless is disabled on the router. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT to improve the security of the SOHO network?
A. Disable the router\’s remote management feature.
B. Enable WPA2 wireless encryption.
C. Change the router\’s default admin name and password.
D. Place the router in a locked room.
Correct Answer: D

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