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Latest Cisco 100-490 dumps Exam Questions:

FromNumber of exam questionsAssociated certificationExam name
Lead4Pass15CCT Routing and SwitchingSupporting Cisco Routing & Switching Network Devices
Question 1:

Which Xmodem option is used to enhance error checking of an image that is copied to flash memory?

A. -e

B. -r

C. -c

D. -x

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

What are the two purposes of a USB thumb drive? (Choose two.)

A. to save the system log

B. to copy configuration files to and from a PC

C. to save router hardware information

D. to copy IOS images to and from a PC

E. to increase system memory size

Correct Answer: BD

Question 3:

Which two commands identify the serial number of a Cisco router? (Choose two.)

A. show run

B. show inventory

C. show environment

D. show version

E. show archive

Correct Answer: BD

Question 4:

Which bits represent the boot field in the configuration register value?

A. highest two bits

B. lowest two bits

C. highest four bits

D. lowest four bits

Correct Answer: D

Question 5:

Which type of memory stores the configuration of a router or switch by default?




D. flash

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

Which two statements about Telnet and SSH are true? (Choose two.)

A. SSH is a protocol that provides a secure remote access connection to network devices.

B. SSH uses the well-known TCP port 23 for its communication.

C. A Telnet network management connection is dropped when a router reboots.

D. Telnet is a protocol that provides a secure remote access connection to network devices.

E. Telnet is preferred over SSH for security reasons.

Correct Answer: AC

Question 7:

Which command initiates the transfer of a Cisco IOS image over IP from ROMMON?

A. Xmodem

B. copy tftp: flash:

C. copy flash: tftp:

D. tftpdnld

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

Which type of transceiver module is used for 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity?





Correct Answer: C

Reference: index.html#:~:text=The%20Cisco%20QSFP%20BiDi%20transceiver,10%20Gigabit%20Ethernet%20fiber% 20infrastructure

Question 9:

Which address facilitates the routing of packets over an IP network?

A. physical

B. transport

C. network


Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

Which two commands set the configuration register value? (Choose two.)

A. rommon>confreg 0x2102

B. router(config)#confreg 0x2102

C. rommon>config-register 0x2102

D. router(config)#configuration-register 0x2102

E. router(config)#config-register 0x2102

Correct Answer: AE

Question 11:

From the enable mode, which command loads the configuration during the password recovery process on a Cisco router?

A. load_helper

B. configure terminal

C. copy running-config startup-config

D. copy startup-config running-config

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

Which device is a DTE device?


B. router

C. cable modem

D. DSL modem

Correct Answer: B

Question 13:

What does Cisco use for Return Materials Authorization tracking of field-replaceable parts?

A. product number

B. serial number

C. RMA number

D. FRU number

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

Which type of port is used to connect a laptop to an Ethernet port on a Cisco router?

A. rollover

B. fiber

C. straight-through

D. crossover

Correct Answer: C

Question 15:

ESD is the sudden and momentary electric current that flows between two objects at different electrical potentials, caused by direct contact or induced by an electrostatic field. Which three tools are used to avoid ESD? (Choose three.)

A. negative static bag

B. antistatic mat

C. ESD wrist strap

D. negative static mat

E. antistatic bag

F. latex gloves

Correct Answer: BCE

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