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Topic Question 1:

What options or options can customers use for multi-site management with Mobility Express?

A. WebUl

B. Prime 3.4 or DNA Center

C. mobile app

D. WebUI or mobile app

Correct Answer: B

Topic Question 2:

What is the key architectural component that allows Cisco Meraki\’s data centers to be fully HIPAA and PCI-compliant?

A. non-existent command line interface

B. controller and server-free design

C. Layer 7 application fingerprinting

D. out-of-band control plane

Correct Answer: D

Topic Question 3:

What is one advantage of the Umbrella branch package?

A. prevent already-infected devices from connecting to command and control

B. prevent guest or corporate users from connecting to malicious domains and IP addresses

C. deploy the branch package on a Cisco ISR4K router in 4 easy steps

D. no client-side configuration is required

Correct Answer: B

Topic Question 4:

Which feature solution of Cisco DNA Center drives the concept of SLA and guarantees that the infrastructure is doing what you intended it to do?

A. Cisco DNA Assurance

B. Cisco ACI Anywhere

C. Cisco DNA Spaces

D. Cisco HyperFlex

Correct Answer: A

Topic Question 5:

What is one capability of the Catalyst 9200 web user interface?

A. integrating with compatible Cisco routers

B. providing AMP support

C. opening a case with Cisco Technical Assistance Center

D. monitoring selected sections on the dashboard

Correct Answer: D

Topic Question 6:

Which Catalyst 9800 series controller would you recommend for small branch and campus deployments of up to 200 APs?

A. Catalyst 9800-SW

B. Catalyst 9800-CL

C. Catalyst 9800-40

D. Catalyst 9800-80

Correct Answer: A

Topic Question 7:

Which three product capabilities allow Cisco DNA Spaces to deliver business value?

A. Sense, Act, and Partner

B. View, Interpret, and Act

C. See, Anticipate, and Respond

D. See, Act, and Extend

Correct Answer: D

Topic Question 8:

Which portfolio of Cisco routers supports Aggregation?

A. CSR 1000V

B. ASR 1000

C. ISR 4000

D. ISR 900

Correct Answer: C

Topic Question 9:

Which is an SKU for Mobility Express?

A. AIR-AP1815W-X-K9

B. AlR-AP28021-K9

C. AIR-AP18151-K9C

D. AlR-AP18521-K9

Correct Answer: C

Topic Question 10:

What is one benefit of the Aironet 4800 AP?

A. cost-effectiveness for small-to-medium-sized deployments

B. modularity for investment protection

C. Cisco CleanAir

D. industry-leading hyper location

Correct Answer: D

Topic Question 11:

What is one benefit of the Cisco 1100 ISR router over the 900 ISR router for mid-size organizations?

A. The 1100 ISR provides support for xDSL types of WAN interfaces

B. The 1100 ISR is compatible with all Cisco switches.

C. The 1100 ISR provides APIC support.

D. The 1100 ISR includes a built-in firewall and advanced QOS features.

Correct Answer: C

Topic Question 12:

What is one-way Catalyst 9200 achieves IT simplicity?

A. view all network devices on a single pane of glass dashboard

B. remote wipe any device on the network

C. direct access devices wirelessly via OTA with Bluetooth

D. enable virtual stacking

Correct Answer: A

Topic Question 13:

What is one feature of MV cameras that allows users to optimize video retention?

A. zoom lens

B. motion-based retention

C. low bit rate and frame rate

D. high definition

Correct Answer: B

Topic Question 14:

Which of these statements clearly depicts increasing sophistication in the security threat landscape?

A. 65% of attacks evade existing security tools

B. 66% of connected devices are mobile

C. 28% of top security constraints are caused by product compatibility

D. 25% of users spend their worktime off the network

Correct Answer: A

Topic Question 15:

What is Cisco Switch Selector?

A. a tool that can help customers compare options and identify the right switch for their needs

B. a dashboard view of all an enterprise\’s switches

C. a configuration tool that helps small business customers rapidly deploy a new switch

D. a cloud-based solution to optimize network performance

Correct Answer: A

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